ForceBasic - Is a programming language for software development.
Selecting library unit you can write program for some operation system.
ForceBasic compiler can build crosspatrofm code, which is executed with
a help of virtual machine.
Compiler can build very compact and small codes, and as a result - the minimum size of the virtual machine is 50K and the minimal size of the executed file (exe) is 3K.
With a help of ForceBasic you can not only write small program, but you
can also develop libraries ( for graphics, for GUI interface, for sound
system, data base, and other systems ).
ForceBasic have Basic`s syntax. Inherited from Visual Basic, and object-oriented syntax from C++.
That allows to use objects easier, and to develop hard objects as in C++ language.

If you write program in other languages and environments ( Visual Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder...) you can implement and execute ForceBasic`s byte-code. So you can write parts of the program on ForceBasic programming languge.

The virtual machine (VM), in ForceBasic, is not only program which run byte-code. ForceBasic VM is library with tools for manipulation byte-code

.ForceBasic - Is an object-oriented language, it includes object-oriented programming elements, such as: incapsuling, implements, polymorphism. For programming classes you can use: field creation, methods, virtual methods, events, properties, operators, construstors and destructor. ForceBasic includes some features of a procedural language, so in ForceBasic you can make procedures, functions, global fields in module, like in QBasic.

Last version of ForceBasic compiler/interpreter you can download from forcebasic sourceforge project or forcebasic home page.

ForceBasic distributive include:

ForceBasic Bin directory:

  • ForceBasic Compiler (bin\pb.exe)
  • ForceAssembler Compiler (bin\pasm.exe)
  • ForceLink (bin\plink.exe)
  • ExecBas (bin\execbas.exe)


  • CGI (Hello World)
  • Console functions with (cls, color, locate, print...)
  • Examples for DOS4GW (show, galax, rotate, textorient, pinpong )
  • File system functions (fopen, fclose, fread, fputs, fgets...)
  • Classical Basic functions (asb, asc, chr, inkey, input, rnd, sgn, space, str, val...)
  • GUI examples (with control ColorDialog, Button, Form, ComboBox, Edit, Inspector, Label, ListBox, ScrollBar, StatusBar, TabControl, ToolTip, TreeView, Menu, Timer...)
  • MiniEXE, MiniStaticEXE ( examples for demonstration compiled exe file with dimnamyc link virtual machine and static link )
  • Statements ( technical examples, for stack, simulate error situation ... )


  • fvm.dll - ForceBasic Virtual Machine for Windows ( need for run dinamyc linking application )


  • Run-Time librarys for Windows GUI Application, WIndows Console Appilcation, DOS4GW


  • Classes description
  • ForceBasic Documentation ( pb.chm on russian language )


  • CGI Source
  • Console Source
  • Graph Source for DOS4GW
  • AnsiString, Classes, Collection, Object, StringBuffer, Files, SmallTable Classes Sources
  • System RunTime module source
  • Windows GUI Library sources


  • Compiled modules

In root dir:

  • CodeEdit 2.0 for ForceBasic - IDE for ForceBasic Compiler/Interpreter

If you have problem with any distributive of ForceBasic please write me on mail: [georgy233[@]] (delete [] character from mail string )

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